5 Best Fitness Books You Should Read

Many of us don’t think to consult a book on the subject when setting a health or fitness goal. But the fact is that health and fitness books abound and they’re chock-full of information that might help us get closer to our objectives. A fitness book on meditation, inspiration or any other subject you’re interested in can help you find new ways to make the most of each day, even if your objective is merely to stay healthy. Here are the five best fitness books you should read.

The fitness mindset

“The Fitness Mindset” is a comprehensive guide to being fitter and more energized. Brian Keane (a fitness instructor) will help you enhance every aspect of your fitness routine, including your food habits, exercise routine, and capacity to stay motivated throughout the book. Keane is an excellent choice for anybody interested in health, fitness, and personal development, whether you want to modify your diet, log more hours at the gym, or have more energy to get through the day.

The glute lab

“The Glute Lab” is a comprehensive guide to strengthening your glutes, as the name implies. Bret Contreras, Ph.D., CSCS, a personal trainer, distills reams of field research and science-backed strategies into a simple training regimen you can use to develop your glutes throughout the book. Sure, concentrating just on your glutes may appear weird. The gluteus maximus, on the other hand, is a big muscle and is involved in a variety of activities (like running, jumping, and weight-lifting). Strengthening yourself there will help you gain strength in the other parts of the body. It will also provide you with a clear and straightforward aim to work toward when you begin strength training.

The one-minute workout

The issue for many people is finding the time to exercise. Martin Gibala, Ph.D., a kinesiologist, is fully aware of this, which is why he authored “The One-Minute Workout.” This eye-opening article will show you that having all the time in the world isn’t a prerequisite for becoming in shape. Gibala’s eight fundamental interval exercises and four micro-workouts can help you gain strength and endurance in only minutes.

Ready to Run

“Ready to Run” is a must-read for everyone who runs regularly or wants to start doing so. Kelly Starrett, Ph.D., a coach, and physiotherapist, helps runners overcome and avoid hurdles, including injury, inappropriate training, switching running shoes, and more (in this educational book). Starrett teaches runners not just how to run faster but how to run better, stronger, and injury-free by stressing 12 fundamental performance criteria.

Nutrition in crisis

Richard Feinman, Ph.D., a biochemist, makes it simple to cut through the clutter in his book “Nutrition in Crisis.” Feinman begins by explaining the fundamentals of nutrition and human metabolism. Then he delves into modern medical research making it simple to apply what you’ve just learned critically to subjects like health, exercise, and nutrition. “Nutrition in Crisis” is a must-read for anybody interested in low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diets, as Feinman devotes a significant portion of the book to these topics.